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Full information of Afghanistan such as: flag, country code 2 (alpha2), alpha3 code, language code, city Afghanistan, Total area Afghanistan, Calling code Afghanistan, Currency Afghanistan, GDP per capita Afghanistan, Population Afghanistan, ... You can also copy information, download high quality size image of the flag of Afghanistan, DownloadaClub.Com helps you find the most complete information of this Afghanistan country. The current flag of Afghanistan has been used since 2004, when the Taliban regime was removed. Since gaining the independence in 1919, the flag has undergone many changes in relation to political events. The current form of the flag is inspired by the flag that was used during the monarchy and differs only in the national emblem in the middle of the flag. Currently, it consists of a vertical tricolor of black, red, and green and national emblem in the middle of the red stripe. The colors could be interpreted as follows: black represents the former Abbasid caliphate, red royal dignity, and green is the traditional color of Islam. Yellow national emblem consists of a mihrab (a niche in a mosque) and minbar (pulpit) placed in a wreath bearing an inscription "God is great".
Country codesAF, AFG (ISO 3166-1)
Official nameIslamic Republic of Afghanistan
Capital cityKabul
Member ofUnited Nations, Collective Security Treaty Organization, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
Population32 225 560 (2019)
Total area652 230 km2
Highest pointNoshaq (7 492 m, 24 580 ft)
Lowest pointAmu Darya (258 m, 846 ft)
GDP per capitaUSD 521 (World Bank, 2018)
CurrencyAfghan afghani (؋, AFN)
Calling code+93

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