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Full information of Guyana such as: flag, country code 2 (alpha2), alpha3 code, language code, city Guyana, Total area Guyana, Calling code Guyana, Currency Guyana, GDP per capita Guyana, Population Guyana, ... You can also copy information, download high quality size image of the flag of Guyana, DownloadaClub.Com helps you find the most complete information of this Guyana country. The flag od Guyana was adopted in 1966 and its base consists of a green leaf to whose right edge a yellow shape with white trimming which reminds an arrow expands. The pole side of the flag forms a base of a red triangle with black trim. The flag was selected through a public competition in 1962, which was won by American draft of Whitney Smith. The flag is nicknamed "The Golden Arrowhead," refering to the aforementioned yellow arrow. The symbolism of the colors used is as follows: white color symbolizes the countrys waters, black perseverance in building a better tomorrows, yellow stands for mineral wealth and green for lush vegetation.
Country codesGY, GUY (ISO 3166-1)
Official nameCo-operative Republic of Guyana
Capital cityGeorgetown
ContinentSouth America
Member ofUnited Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, Organization of American States, Union of South American Nations, Caribbean Community, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
Population782 766 (2019)
Total area214 969 km2
Highest pointMount Roraima (2 772 m, 9 094 ft)
Lowest pointNorth Atlantic Ocean
GDP per capitaUSD 4 979 (World Bank, 2018)
CurrencyGuyanese dollar (USD, GYD)
Calling code+592

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