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Full information of Madagascar such as: flag, country code 2 (alpha2), alpha3 code, language code, city Madagascar, Total area Madagascar, Calling code Madagascar, Currency Madagascar, GDP per capita Madagascar, Population Madagascar, ... You can also copy information, download high quality size image of the flag of Madagascar, DownloadaClub.Com helps you find the most complete information of this Madagascar country. The flag of Madagascar has been inspired by a flag of the tribe Hovo and it consists of three stripes in total. The first stripe is vertical and it is located in the pole part of the flag. The waving part of the flag is filled with two horizontal stripes - red on the top and green at the bottom. Originally, a red-white flag of dynasty Merino symbolized efforts to keep independence during the times when Europeans were colonizing Africa. White color traditionally stands for purity and chastity, red for independence and green signifies hope for better tomorrows. According to another interpretation, green represents the coastal population, white is associated with the family of Volafots and red with the family of Volamens from the 17th century.
Country codesMG, MDG (ISO 3166-1)
Official nameRepublic of Madagascar
Capital cityAntananarivo
Member ofUnited Nations, African Union, Southern African Development Community
Population25 680 342 (2018)
Total area587 041 km2
Highest pointMaromokotro (2 876 m, 9 436 ft)
Lowest pointIndian Ocean
GDP per capitaUSD 528 (World Bank, 2018)
CurrencyMalagasy ariary (Ar, MGA)
Calling code+261

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