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Full information of Samoa such as: flag, country code 2 (alpha2), alpha3 code, language code, city Samoa, Total area Samoa, Calling code Samoa, Currency Samoa, GDP per capita Samoa, Population Samoa, ... You can also copy information, download high quality size image of the flag of Samoa, DownloadaClub.Com helps you find the most complete information of this Samoa country. The flag of Samoa, which has been adopted in a slightly different form in 1948, is composed of a red sheet with a blue rectangle located on the pole side of the flag stretching to the half of the flag. The rectangle bears five white stars of different sizes, which are reminiscent of the Southern Cross constellation which dominates the night sky in this area. The original flag which was adopted in 1948 contained only four stars, their number was, however, later increased to today´s five. The red color of the leaf refers to the blood shed during the struggle for independence from Germany, which Samoa reached in 1962. The blue color symbolizes unity and justice and the white stands for purity and chastity.
Country codesWS, WSM (ISO 3166-1)
Official nameIndependent State of Samoa
Capital cityApia
Member ofUnited Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, Pacific Community
Population200 874 (2019)
Total area2 842 km2
Highest pointMauga Silisili on Savaii (1 857 m, 6 093 ft)
Lowest pointSouth Pacific Ocean
GDP per capitaUSD 4 183 (World Bank, 2018)
CurrencySamoan tālā (T, WST)
Calling code+685

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