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Full information of Singapore such as: flag, country code 2 (alpha2), alpha3 code, language code, city Singapore, Total area Singapore, Calling code Singapore, Currency Singapore, GDP per capita Singapore, Population Singapore, ... You can also copy information, download high quality size image of the flag of Singapore, DownloadaClub.Com helps you find the most complete information of this Singapore country. The flag of Singapore, which has been adopted together with the national emblem and anthem in 1959, is composed of red and white horizontal stripes. On the left side of the upper red stripe, symbols of a white crescent and five five-pointed stars representing democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality are placed. Moreover, crescent and stars are traditional symbols of Islam and it was placed on the flag to commemorate Malay Muslim minority living in the country. According to the official interpretation, the flag reflects an emergence of a new nation, the red color stands for equality and white for purity and chastity. Before 1959, the flag of Great Britain was used instead of the national flag.
Country codesSG, SGP (ISO 3166-1)
Official nameRepublic of Singapore
Capital citySingapore
Member ofUnited Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Population5 703 600 (2019)
Total area716 km2
Highest pointBukit Timah Hill (164 m, 538 ft)
Lowest pointSingapore Strait
GDP per capitaUSD 64 582 (World Bank, 2018)
CurrencySingapore dollar (USD, SGD)
Calling code+65
Internet, .新加坡, .சிங்கப்பூர்

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